Born in 1972, we are a communication company specialized in textile and construction industry.

With more than 45 years of experience in the sector, we help to add value to the chain of manufacture and supply of the product of a company thanks to the scope of our main aim: to guarantee the satisfaction of our clients. It is possible to us due to the wide preparation and formation of our technical staff and also to the constant innovation in products for the textile and the construction industries.

We are a highly flexible, specialized, professional and communicative company focused on concrete goals and personal value, contributing to the top in all the operations in which we embark. For us, the human factor is our differentiating element, which encourages our efficiency as a team and our commitment as human people.

Our mission is based on the development of a product that fits perfectly to the needs of the client, in accordance with the responses of sustainability and safety of the textile and constructive markets. This goes through our vision, which lies in being leaders in the service and the advice of our clients. We get completely involved in the evolution and in the materialization of its goals.

The values that define us may be detailed according to the following scheme:

– Priority over process and products development eco-friendly, including the consumption of the ideal resources and the improvement of their final quality.

– Commitment with the following of the international regulation, which regulates the safe use of the textile product regarding the final consumer.

Proximity with our client and complicity with our supplier.

Own creativity in the processes and the products that we manufacture, betting for the investment in new technologies that allow offering original and differentiated solutions.

Confidence in our technical and production team, understanding the staff and the team-working as the most effective tools for our company.


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